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“Two Nests, Love From both” Documentary Interactive Theatre

“Two Nests, Love From both” Documentary Interactive Theatre


《雙棲》是華語地區第一部以離異父母共享親職(co-parenting)的親身經歷為題,並由劇場演員與經歷離異風暴家屬共同擔綱的作品。由雙棲創作團隊策劃及製作,以真實故事改編,經過兩年的讀劇演出與故事收集,把觀眾的笑與淚一併寫進劇本。 台灣水面上與水面下劇場創辦人張嘉容獲邀擔任是次製作的戲劇顧問,為《雙棲》的觀演增強「厚度」,讓觀眾不再只是乖乖坐在席上,而是親身參與其中。

At the age of seven, I thought about what would others do when you miss someone? At that time, I covered up the one I missed with pillow, no one could stop me dreaming of him. When I grew up,  I realised I was a bird, flying back and forth between Papa’s and Mama’s homes. Now, I bring along the branches they have gifted me, to build my own nest. 

Two nests – Love from both” features the theme of how divorced families exercising “Child-focused, Co-parenting”. This project is the first of its kind, which is co-created by divorced family members and performers in Asia.  Curated and produced by Two Nests Creation, this collective work is based on true stories, after two years of staging in the reader’s theatre format and collecting stories, which also embodied the smiles and tears of audiences.

Chang Chia-Jung  from Le Théâtre de l’Eau Dessus Dessous (Taiwan) is invited to be the Dramaturgy for the upcoming production. Sharing her unique way of theatre making, “aqua round assembly theatre” let the audiences experience the performance by involving themselves, which intensified the theme of the show. 



“Two Nests, Love From both” Documentary Interactive Theatre

香港兆基創意書院小劇場 Studio Theatre,HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
19.1.2020 (星期日Sun) 14:30, 19:30(設演後座談 Post-performance Talk)

* HK$180(不設劃位 Free Seating) 
早鳥優惠價 Early Bird Discount HK$150【每場首30名可享優惠,優惠期至2019年12月15日 Book before 15Dec2019 to enjoy the early bird discount 】

適合六歲或以上人士 For age 6 and above 粵語演出,設英文字幕 Conducted in Cantonese, with English subtitles
觀眾在進入演區前須脫下鞋履,並將要席地而坐,請穿輕便衣服及襪子 Members of the audience will be seated on the floor and are requested to take off their shoes before entering the performance
節目全場約2小時,不設中場休息 Approx. 2 hours without intermission


創作及製作人員 Creative Team

概念策劃 Curation | 阮絡伶 Circle Yuen

戲劇顧問 Dramaturgy | 張嘉容Chang Chia-Jung^ (台灣Taiwan) 

採編、研究及原創文本 Editing, Research & Text | 鄭華珠 Jessica Cheng

監製 Producer | 陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan

創作及研究演員 Interview & Act | 阮絡伶 Circle Yuen、陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan、梁慧詩 Rachel Leung、
王  磊 Wong Lui

舞台及燈光設計 Stage and Lighting Design |  陳岱昕 Dawn Chan
聲音設計Sound design | 周雪甄 Cat Chau、黃欣慰 Esther Wong 
現場音樂 Live Musician | 周雪甄 Cat Chau

舞台監督 Stage Manager | 熊子傑 Cyrus Hung

助理舞台監督 Assistant Stage Manager |
林學賢 Isaac Lam、叶謹誠 Nicholas Yip、黃俊賢 Amen Wong Chun Yin

佈景製作助理 Set Production Assistant | 賴藹怡 Lai Erica Oi Yi

主視覺設計 Key Visual Design | Meg Tam 舞台攝影 Stage Photography | 曾威威 Wilson Tsang@ Pina Photographs
英文譯本 English Translation | 梁嘉慧 Ka Wai Leung 場刊翻譯 House Programme Translation | 袁晞韵 Harmony Yuen
前台 Front of House | 鄺慧妍 Vivian Kwong Wai Yin、林詠瑜 Lam Wing Yu


^ @台灣水面上與水面下劇場 Le Théâtre de l’Eau Dessus Dessous,Taiwan 


*Art is priceless and should be shared with the community. For each ticket purchased, you are supporting someone who is going through the storm of divorce to watch the performance. With kind support from The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, we have provided 25 free tickets for their fellow members to enjoy the show.

策劃 Curated by

雙棲創作團隊 Two Nests Creation

主辦 Presented by

蒲窩青少年中心 The Warehouse Teenage Club

資助機構 Sponsored by 

民政事務局及青年發展委員會 Home Affairs Bureau & Youth Development Council

全力支持 Fully Supported by 

和富 Woofoo Social Enterprises,  HKWe Care

支持機構 Supported by 

香港公教婚姻輔導會、台灣水面上與水面下劇場 The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, Le Théâtre de l’Eau Dessus Dessous

此為【香港青年藝術高峰會:「藝術・生命・生活 」】之入圍提案之一。
This is one of the projects from “Hong Kong Youth Art Summit: Art and Life”, which aims to provide a platform for young artists to curate different art projects to inspire youth and public to care about people and society.