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The Challenge

According to the Hong Kong government Census and Statistics Department, the number of divorce keeps increasing throughout the years. In 2016, the crude divorce rate is 2.34 per 1000 people, which is twice as much as that 25 years ago in 1991. Not all of the divorced family knows how to handle it as stigma by Asian culture. There maybe lawsuit on the alimony and custody of the children, and even domestic violence, child abuse among these families.

What we do

“Two Nests – Love from Both” is the first book and the first Readers’ Theater work which is acted by divorced family members and professional actors, attempting to dissect the concept of “Child-focused Co-parenting”in the community with true stories in Asia. 

In 2018, we interviewed divorced families and wrote their stories into a fiction and poems. Through transforming these true stories collected into theatrical plays on stage, we hope to spread the enamoring values behind “Child-focused Co-parenting”, as well as depicting the everyday struggles these co-parenting families have been facing. In addition, this community art campaign also support divorced women and children to use art as companionship.

Our Impact

A book is more than a product, it is a social movement

The idea of child-focus co-parenting is very new in Hong Kong, or even in the whole of Asia. There are many different comments on how to practice such an idea in the community, especially when it’s still not that popular in the public. After our campaign was launched, we received numerous invitations from different NGO and family service centers, to cooperate and share our experiences.

Since 2018, we have already completed a series of  community art projects with different partners including The Hong Kong Council of Social Services, The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, and The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. We reached over 800 people, including over 150 professionals in Hong Kong and from Taiwan, local divorced families and the public in the first year.

Thank you to all of our supporters and partners.

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